How to play Zuma ?

All games like "Zuma" are controlled with the mouse. The cursor is the target. Shoot balls-diamonds-fruits-and whatever else is there with the left click, trying to get into groups of two or more of the same color with the projectile.

If the transition from level to level is not automatic, you can choose from a number of open levels. As a rule, they are designed in the form of a map: each point corresponds to its own level, the further - the more difficult.

The difference between games like "Zuma" and "Luxor" in one thing: in the Egyptian arkanoid, the "winged cannon" moves (in the lower part of the playing field, left and right), and the "frogs" stand still in different parts of the screen (depending on level of the game) and only rotate around their axis. The whole gameplay is represented by a chain of continuously moving balls , which must be destroyed in accordance with the rules of the game. In this game, when a chain of balls hits the same color as the chain of balls itself, it simply disappears, simulating a small explosion. The length of such a chain should be at least three balls of the same color.

Zuma Some balls in a moving chain have additional drawings and hieroglyphs, which, when exploded, bring all sorts of special effects into the game. For example: they speed up your shots, replace any of your balls, with the color of the ball you need, or simply push the chain of balls back a certain distance.

The essence of the game

The essence of the game is to get rid of the moving chain, which seeks to get into your "fortress".

Zuma The game mechanism of this game can be described in a few words - everything is very simple and clear, all that is needed is to collect the three in motion. The chronology of the game consists of levels replacing each other. On the playing field in the chute, there are constantly balls that are constantly moving. In the center of the playing field provided to the player is a 360-degree rotating cannon , which shoots the same balls as those that are moving. The color of the shot you are firing can be changed by clicking on the right mouse button, displayed at the same time by the indicator on the back of the creature you control. This indicator shows the previous and next color of the ball. Zuma
In order to win this level of the game, you must remove all moving balls from the chute until they reach the end of the chute, where the golden skull is. If it suddenly happens that the ball does reach this skull, then you have lost ... you need to start over.

Removing balls

Balls are removed from the chute when the cannon is fired at balls of various colors. In this case, it is necessary to make a sequence of at least three balls of the same color. The sequence created with such a plan is automatically removed from the playing field. For this kind of removal, you will be awarded points. Also, for more points, sometimes gold coins appear on the playing field, on which you need to hit a ball of any color. Once in it, you get prize points. If a ball of an unnecessary color is charged in the cannon, then it can simply be thrown into the void. The style in this game is reminiscent of the Inca theme.