Zuma Deluxe
The classic game, the beginning of the beginnings, the progenitor of all ball arkanoid! Please welcome! Frog Zuma in person!

Zuma Revenge
A very nice modification of the popular Zuma. This online version offers all the advantages of playing on a regular computer!

Zuma Woobies
The land of garden gnomes is attacked by colorful fluffy caterpillars. Time to call the air force!

Zuma 98
Move the balls across the field and make lines of five of them. The more lines you draw, the more points you earn.

Fairy Town
Train your accuracy and speed as often as possible, and then you can easily free the central large ball from the small balls that have clung to it from all sides.

Birds Town
A cunning ginger cat is waiting for harmless birds to visit. Hurry to find a company for the birds so that they fly as far away from the fluffy villain as possible!

Collect combinations of blocks with colored balls falling down, collect as many points as possible and go from level to level.

Zuma Frog
A wonderful big-eyed stone frog is waiting for you, which loves to spit colorful balls and destroy them.

Zuma India
The Indian god of wisdom Ganesha invites you to play balls like Zuma Deluxe.

Zuma Bubbles
Shoot accurately at the colorful balls and do everything to prevent them from falling into the center of the dangerous yellow flower.

Zuma Kangaroo
Funny kangaroos love not only to jump quickly across the Australian expanses. They are also happy to throw colored balls and earn points for this.

Zuma Butterfly
Each butterfly must have two wings, and then it can fly. This obvious fact will help the player to correctly understand the purpose of the game and play it successfully.

The game has already started! Hurry, otherwise you will lose! The hardest pinball and Zuma ever!

Zuma Pirates
Two real ship guns and a huge number of targets to shoot. What else does a true pirate need to have a great time?

A good-natured dolphin plays with beautiful balls against the backdrop of seascapes and inhabitants. But even he is managed by some creatures.

Chinese Zuma
Help the red and white Chinese dragon destroy all the balls moving through various mazes until they fall into a deep hole.

To save humanity from the invasion of hordes of zombies is a very important task, which is entrusted to the fragile shoulders of a seemingly harmless flower.

Zuma Balls
Play Zuma balls on the pinball table? Why not! All rules are the same as in a regular game!