Zuma Deluxe

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The full original version of the game Zuma Deluxe for the computer. This toy is a kind of hybrid arcade in the style of the game Maya . In order to successfully play this game you need to be smart, have developed logic and good hand reflexes for quick and accurate shots.
In the game under your control there is something like a frog, from whose mouth colorful balls fly out. This frog is located in the center of the playing field, and around it there is a zigzag chute along which multi-colored balls move, striving to the hatch.
A chain of various balls rolls out of this chute, which you simply have to shoot before it falls into the hatch. The movements of this chain are quite fast and to complete it you will need some time for training.

Consider two types of games: Adventure and Gauntlet (Survival) .

In the first type of game, passing the levels, you seem to climb the stairs of the levels. When the level changes, the terrain where it passes changes and a greater variety of colors of the balls appears.
There are four types of different bonuses in the game, which appear at regular intervals on the balls themselves, when they hit them, the bonuses appear. Gold coins periodically appearing in the corners of the field also contribute to an increase in your points. You must try to hit them with a ball.

Zuma Deluxe is a logic game in which you will have to use your brains to solve a puzzle created by the developer. In addition to all of the above, pictures and incendiary gameplay also take place in this game.

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Zuma Deluxe  Zuma Deluxe  Zuma Deluxe

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