Zuma Marble Legend for Android

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Any game from the popular Zuma series is received very well. Online game Zuma on Android will probably not be an exception to this rule, because it contains all the best techniques of its frog progenitor in Zuma Deluxe.

As always, many exciting levels in which balls of different colors move along winding paths await the player. At the end of the path, the balls are waiting for a dangerous trap, into which they cannot fall in any way. The balls can be saved only with the help of a special blaster that guards each path. There are always two balls inside the blaster, which can be replaced with each other if necessary. Use a blaster to shoot the balls, creating groups of three or more from them. The balls grouped by color burst, thereby reducing the number of balls moving towards the trap. The level is considered passed when there are no balls left on the track.

It is very exciting to play Zuma on Android for free, as there are two different game modes. You can choose "adventure", where you need to go through all the levels presented on the map. Or you can prove yourself in the "challenge" mode, where stars are awarded for each completed stage. We must try to earn three possible stars on all tests.

Download Zuma Marble Legend for Android (18.8 Mb)

Зума на андроид  Зума на андроид  Zuma Marble Legend

Download Zuma Marble Legend for Android (18.8 Mb)