Luxor 5

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The history of Ancient Egypt has not yet revealed all its secrets. Many more ancient ruins are covered with sand. Not all tombs have been looted yet. The sacred Scarab still lives somewhere, rolling magic balls ...

The game "Luxor-5" will guide you on secret paths to the largest temple of the god Amon-Ra, will allow you to tame the magic of the Egyptian priests and use it to collect treasures. Your successful actions will summon powerful assistants and awaken formidable opponents. Horus, Seth, Osiris, Isis - these names, written in hieroglyphs on papyrus, will come to life again on the screen of your home computer. Download 68 megabytes, install the game and buy an activation key to get access to a great continuation of old adventures! Moreover - in a volumetric world and with much larger balls. It has become more convenient to play.

Magic balls running along the grooves and paths must not hit the pyramid. The golden wings of Horus carry the same balls - direct them to the running chain, and if you get into a group of the same color, they will disappear. Your account will be replenished with game points, and if you are lucky, a bonus will fall from the chain that you need to catch on the wing. Caution! Not all bonuses can be good. Watch for signs on the balls.

Download Zuma Luxor 5 for free

Zuma Luxor 5  Zuma Luxor 5  Zuma Luxor 5

Download Zuma Luxor 5 for free