Zuma's Revenge

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Try to survive in a new developed world of Zuma where malicious tiki has captured the land! Keep your feats on in Zuma's Revenge - Adventure, a fun Marble Popper game. Here while setting the planets on fire, you will make new matches and will overcome every next level. Jumping from lily pad to lily pad will bring you the perfect shot! Be careful and stand aside from perilous pitfalls. The using of extraordinary powerful balls will bring the victory to your skilful amphibian and give you a lot of bonuses.

Download Zuma's Revenge

Zuma's Revenge  Zuma's Revenge  Zuma's Revenge

Download Zuma's Revenge

This is the full version of the game Zuma's Revenge in Russian, which can be downloaded free of charge to the computer from the link below.

In the game Zuma's Revenge (Zuma Revenge), you must strive to produce shots so as to create a chain of three consecutive balls of the same color, but no less. In this case, the speed of your shooting is also important, since you must manage to shoot the moving chain before it reaches the edge of the gutter, otherwise you will lose.
All shots are fired from the mouth of a frog located in the middle of the playing field, which can move around the screen. The sight pointing to where you shoot is similar to the sight you saw in the dash, but its color automatically changes depending on the next ball.
Thanks to the various bonuses that exist in the game: the backward movement of the chain, bombs, laser sight or slowdown - the panic that develops as a result of the number of balls and their speed is suppressed. The balls on which bonuses are attached have special designations.

The game also provides you with the opportunity to shoot at various fruits of tropical origin, for which prize points are awarded. In order to get into such a fruit, you will have to break a series of balls and shoot a ball of any color into the formed space until the chain closes.
In fact, not everything is so simple. The game includes five episodes with different terrain. Each episode in turn has ten levels. Each with episodes at the end give you the opportunity to fight the spirit. In a battle of such a plan, you will not only shoot balls at him, but also dodge the balls that he will throw at you.